Parking Control System

The Parking System of BT Compass captures the number plate of the vehicle accessing the parking lot with a camera,
and then analyzes the image. Then, the analyzed image data is used to link to the parking control program.
The system maximizes the clarity and the efficiency of the parking lot management.

Vehicle Number Plate Recognizer Characteristics

The system uses a self-developed engine to continuously
upgrade according to the user environment or
the vehicle number plate environment.

The system uses a 1.3 Megapixel IP Camera (32Fps support).
The built-in PC in the LPR is not used and thus the durability is outstanding.
The camera conducts TCP/IP communication with the operating PC
and thus safe communication is available for long-distance at a high speed.

The system uses a Chip LED lighting and not the existing
strobe or the IR LED lighting, for high durability
and semi-permanent use.

BT Compass S/W was designed to enable setting by the manager
without a separate customizing process.